Why I created this site

Hello and welcome. This site has been a long time in coming. I have always been a voracious reader and acquirer of knowledge. I love when something sparks my interest and I feel pulled to learn all about it. And I love to share what I have learned with friends and family. I wanted to create this site to reach more people because many of the things I have learned over the years can help others. Also, the best way to make sure you have understood something is to explain it to someone else!

My aim is to create a site in which I can index and share what I have learned so far, based on books I have read, things I have come across on the Internet and real-life experience I have acquired. Topics of interest are: productivity, reaching goals, time management, being a freelancer, relationships, how we learn and more. I will also be writing about books I am currently reading.

I invite you to sift through the contents and apply whatever interests you. I would love to hear your results!

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