Law of Attraction: All Just Hocus-Pocus?


I’ve been debating whether to write about the law of attraction because a lot of people don’t believe in it and will think I’m a little nutty. So be it. It’s probably because most people don’t really understand it. Or they tried it and gave up before they got results. It’s not just wanting a mansion or a sports car and poof, there you go. It’s not just vision boards and affirmations. It’s a little more complicated and it takes a little more work. I won’t try to convince you – although if you’re reading this, you must either be interested or a member of my family –  I will try to explain a few things.

First, law of attraction is based on the idea that we can change our reality. Quantum physics, the placebo effect and other areas of study have shown that what we believe and focus on has bearing on what we experience in our lives. So it’s not just made up out of thin air. Have you ever been in a really bad mood and felt like everything was wrong and hopeless, even things that had been going well? Have you ever be in a great mood and even your biggest problems seemed like no big deal? Everything in your life didn’t just change all of a sudden. Your perception did.

Law of attraction isn’t about winning the lottery or buying a yacht. Although it could be, if you’re into that. It’s about steadily improving your life, one thought at a time. It’s about catching yourself when you think or say something negative and softening it as much as you can. It’s about getting your timing right. It’s about following the inspirations you get during your day, to go to that place or call that person. It’s about waiting until you feel good to write that e-mail or do that task. It’s about looking for things to appreciate all day, every day. It’s about realizing that while you might not be able to change a situation right away, you can change how you feel about it. It’s about expecting things to get better and better, even when you have no proof, and really celebrating when you see evidence of it.

See, not all that supernatural!

If this has piqued your curiosity a little, I’ll be giving a few helpful exercises in later posts.